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We currently meet every Thursday at 7PM for organized church soul winning. Since May of 2010, we having been using elements of the Spark of Grace Evangelistic Program. The following is a detailed description of the phases of this soul winning program that we utitlize.


Spark of Grace Ministries is a revolutionary way to mobilize a “work force” in a local church for spreading the gospel and discipling believers effectively. The Spark of Grace process organizes the local church into three departments to accomplish the Great Commission in their “Jerusalem” and surrounding area. Each department is provided with intensive yet concise training and effective materials.


MBCCC — Mobilizing Believers to Connect with their Community for Christ's Sake
This department (pronounced “MB triple C”) allows every believer to have an opportunity to take part in evangelism. Their task is to “prepare the way” by surveying an assigned area to find prospects. Then experienced soul-winners follow up these prospects, thus making the soul-winners more productive. This concept is based on Jesus' model of ministry. He prepared the way by sending a “forerunner” in John the Baptist, and also sent ahead “seventy other disciples” two by two into cities where He would be preaching.


FREE — Follow-up Resources for Effective Evangelism
This department (pronounced “FR double E”) is for trained soul-winners to follow up prospects from the MBCCC campaign. Their goal is to present the Gospel to these contacts, using provided resources. Those that trust Christ as Saviour are given assurance and encouraged to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. The difference between this and other soul-winning programs? FREE soul-winners start their night with qualified prospects who have already expressed a desire to know more about how to be saved.







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